short story (BLOSIIIM)

Jim works as the only bank teller in town, he has as an assistant who is a wacky waving inflatable flayling arm tubeman (the tubeman looks like Jiim, but maybe 15 years ago when he was still hitting the gym a bit).

jim is easy, he’s easy because he goes second, he’s used to having something even if its nothing, atleast he’s aware of that. Harold (because frankly why not? Harold is loose, and i want Jim to have fun every once and a while) is his go-to cud-chewing, shit-shooting, pillow-forting, log-splitting, mitt-juggling, mitten-knittin, tile-layin’, yarn-spinnin’, time-wasting, parliament-order, sprinter-starting, mouth-farting, liver-pickling man.

Jim and Harold sit close, with Harold ever near Jim’s right ear, perched forward in his chair, he leers in. Occasionally Harolds body would ripple, his limp arms would rub and bump up against Jim’s neck nape, electrifyingly nuzzle his ear hairs, expectantly pet his forehead. Jim would always blush instantly, and murmur something about personal space bubbles.

Harold does have a lot of positives but Jim overlooked them save for one. The company was unreal. All the support of a second pair of eyes and pats on the back, but none of the critical rhetoric. He had even become accustomed to the low motorised drone of his fan, which hummed in eigths and occasionally ran in 16ths. He would harmonise till his ears rang-in the morning.

Their favourite day was always sunday. The boys would head outside and get some rays, not always the most thought-through plan, but relatively inane in the scheme of things.  Jim drank a pina pepsico-lada because he saw a bikini’d young lass at the beach one time drinking it, and he thought it looked like fun. sooooo goood.

Harolds day went a lot less smoothly than he recalled being normal. His core pressure was inconsistent, and he had only mannaged to gribble Jim’s ear lobe once, and engage his neck twice. on the whole, not too threatening to general survival, but still something to think about. Harold considered telling Jim, but saw how relaxed he was on his day off.


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